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The museum’s publication portal – the Key to the Collections

Project name: Records system and publication portal for museum collections in the Pardubice Region
Registration number: CZ.1.06/2.1.00/19.09281
The project is co-financed via the Integrated Operational Programme


  • the Pardubice Regional Authority
  • the Regional Museum in Chrudim
  • the Regional Museum in Litomyšl
  • the Regional Museum in Vysoké Mýto
  • the East Bohemian Gallery in Pardubice
  • the East Bohemia Museum in Pardubice


The project covers two key activities: (1) publication platforms, and (2) the expansion of services provided by the Pardubice Region’s Technology Centre. The publication platform includes a web portal with an on-line automated link to a single integrated system of records and a management platform. The expansion of services at the Technology Centre comprises the Culture Cloud, a data centre for the safe centralized storage of digital cultural content and certified storage of electronic originals.

The project involved the digitalization of museum and gallery collections and the implementation and phased launch of services. The main project goals are to provide digital access to the collections of the Pardubice Region’s memory institutions (museums etc.) via the web portal www.klickesbirkam.cz (“Key to the Collections”), to provide related services for experts and the general public, and to expand the range of services provided by the Pardubice Region’s Technology Centre by creating a single integrated system of records and a management platform that can be used by all memory institutions run by the Pardubice Region in order to enhance the quality of public services provided.

The project also included the introduction of a single Region-wide methodology for keeping records of collections, the creation of a single terminological system, and the launch of a centralized management system for data monitoring and the provision of statistical information and crisis data.

Modern information technology has been used to ensure that the Region’s cultural heritage is made accessible on-line and to enhance the inter-operability of memory institutions and their controlling body (the Pardubice Region). The project has also unified information systems, enabling the exchange of information among different public service providers, the Pardubice Region (the controlling body), educational institutions and the general public.