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The crystal Nativity scene

The crystal Nativity scene has been created between 2004-2006 by world-renowned glass artist Jaromír Rybák for the Baroque chapel in the château in Bezdružice. Now, this mysterious work of art done in bronze and Brazilian crystal is in the Pardubice Castle. The three and a half ton Bethlehem is an exceptional work of art, offering an unusual spiritual experience. The Nativity scene was lended for the permanent glass exhibition by patrons of the arts, Svatoslava and Petr Široký

  • The manufacturing technology: glass melted into a mould, cut, gilded, etched / cast bronze, enchased and patinated / brass plate cut through by water beam, etched
  • Material: glass - so called Brazilian crystal containing 48 % of lead, coloured by gold and cobald, gilded on the surface / bronze / steel / brass /wood
  • Proportions: heigt 254 cm, width 215 cm, depth 85 cm
  • Weight: cca 3550 kg